A Perfect Evening of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Spyder Gets Amped

The things that can make New York City comparable to Los Angeles are the parties.  I hear that tomorrow’s going to be one hell of a night!  Word’s been spreading that Rock ‘N’ Roll and the Blues are going to be joining forces and putting on a night to remember (or will I?). 

As I get on board this nasty-ass, broken-down Airstream, I look forward to our first pit-stop at the Brooklyn Bowl.  The taste of hard liquor and fine ladies await my lips.  I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life, and I hear The Perfect Age Team is bringing them to New York on July 27th at 6:00 pm.

Eric’s in Heaven

Hubert Sumlin! Sugar Blue! Hired Killers Inc! The Tangiers Blues Band!  Have I died and gone to blues’ heaven?  What a line-up, a show, a PARTY! I’ve never felt like a rock ‘n’ roll star before just now!  I was aching to hit up Route 66 and the old blues highway, but honestly, I think it came to me.

August’s Counting Pennies

The kids will be rocking out tomorrow, but I’ll be appreciating the good stuff.  Word on the street is Hubert’s going to auction off that guitar of his.  I wonder if I’ve got enough pennies in the vault to snag it!  

Rosie’s Keeping It Real

Great.  Spyder’s all amped up about another Party.  At least this one’s for a good cause!  Tomorrow’s party will be hosting a charity auction that is honoring The Blues Foundation, an organization that seeks to preserve and to highlight the rich history of Blues music and it’s legends. 

It’s fine if the boys want to party it up during our trip out to Los Angeles.  In fact, I party like the best of them. (It may make this dingy old RV a little more interesting.)  All I want is to make it to LA, have my band finish their third record, and enjoy blues and rock ‘n’ roll the best way I know how. 

See you tomorrow night!

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Eric Talks Music

Music is simple.  It’s not like that complicated bitch whom you can’t make happy.  Music doesn’t need flowers, dinner, a walk on the beach, and you don’t need to give it a good f@#k to keep her mouth shut at the end of the night.  Trust me. Spyder would agree.

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Meet August

Ah, these kids don’t understand a thing about the good old days.  Rock ‘n’ roll, the life, friends and family – none of it’s the same as it all once was.  If they want a chance on the right path they’ll need one hell of a blast from the rock ‘n’ roll past.

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Rosie, Meet God

F@#k it.  I’m going to church today.  That’s where the blues were really born.  The guys? They can find religion without me.

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Meet Rosie

Rock stars are unpredictable.  One day they’re up! The next day they’re down.  Well, it’s my job to keep the Lost Soulz on top of those charts.  Spyder made it big off his debut album, but the next one was a disaster!  This third album will be retribution and I’ll be making sure of it.

The agency is riding up my ass to make sure Spyder’s next album is a hit.  We have to get these songs, or we’re screwed.

You wouldn’t believe the kid Spyder has us working with.  We could’ve had a limo and first class seats on a plane all the way to Los Angeles, but no.  We’re hoofing it in a broken down RV on Route 66.  We sure are living the life of a rock star, now.

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Meet Eric

Another day, another class of Long Island inbreeds trying to make music by blowing a tube.  There is only so much you can take.  

I’ve built a life for myself here at home.  I teach the coming generations the foundations of music.  They may not know what the good stuff is, but they have a start.  They don’t know what good rock ‘n’ roll is, what the blues are, or what any of it means!  Shit! There’s only so much you can take when surrounded by a bunch of pre-teens.

I could have been something, you know.  I don’t need make up caked on my face.  I’ve got talent.  I know a good beat, music; the makings of a good song.  I’ve got what it takes to make it big.

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Meet Spyder

What is this? A blog? Am I supposed to say some meaningful shit here?  Well, you should read on.  You’re reading the words of a world class rock star with a hit debut album.  The Lost Soulz is the biggest band of the 1990s!

There are some key factors that a rock ‘n’ roll star needs to possess in order keep up with the times.  He needs looks, much like the god-given mug attached to my well-chiseled body.  I then need a band that “gets” my style.  The show is where a rock star, like me, shines.  Girls in the audience, and maybe some other folks, come to watch, listen, and get a little closer to Spyder and the Lost Soulz.  After the show, as a rock star, I like a good party, girls, and friends to join in the fun.

The most important element of being a rock star is the songs.  Without music, a rock star is nothing.  You can say good bye to the band, the shows, the parties, and the girls.  Say, “good-bye” to rock ‘n’ roll. 

 I need those songs!

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